The ERA-CLIM2 project's work was organized in nine work-packages: WP1 included work aimed at reanalysis production, WP2 included research and development work in coupled data assimilation, WP3 coordinated all the work to prepare the observations for climate reanalysis, WP4 dealt with uncertainty assessment, and WP5 established and manage data access. Project management and coordination activities were the key activities of work packages WP6 and WP9. WP7 and WP8 dealt with outreach and communication activities. All the 66 ERA-CLIM2 reports associated with WP1-9 deliverables can be accessed from this web page.

WP1 (5) deliverables:

WP2 (12) deliverables:

WP3 (20) deliverables:

WP4 (14) deliverables:

WP5 (3) deliverables:

WP6 (8) and WP9 (4) deliverables: