(ERACLIM2 2nd General Assembly, EUMETSAT, December 2015)

The ERA-CLIM2 General Assemblies (GAs) provided guidance, and helped us assessing and coordinating the work. As part of the ERA-CLIM2 outreach work, on top of attendance to international conferences (e.g. EGU, AMS, ..), two workshops and one symposium were organized. ERA-CLIM2 people were heavily engaged in the organization of the 5th International Conference on reanalysis, the most important internation conference where reanalysis-related topics are discussed by the worldwide community.

Hereafter, links are provided to the ERA-CLIM2 GAs, Review Meetings, WS and few relevant conferences.

ERA-CLIM2 General Assemblies: 

ERA-CLIM2 Review Meetings:

ERA-CLIM2 Symposium on 'Climate Reanalyses and Services for Society':

ERA-CLIM2 workshops:

  • ERA-CLIM2 User workshop on observations for reanalyses – Organized as one of the sessions of the 9th ACRE (Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth) Workshop and Historical Weather and Climate Data Forum, University of Maynooth, Ireland – 20-24 June 2016. A short report of the ERA-CLIM2 contribution is available here.
  • Workshop on Coupled Data Assimilation, planned to be co-organized with Météo-France and the WMO, Toulouse – 18-21 October 2016 (http://www.meteo.fr/cic/meetings/2016/CDAW2016/)

Internation Conference on reanalysis:

  • 5th International Conference on reanalysis (ICR5) - Organized in Rome (the ERA-CLIM2 project coordinator, Roberto Buizza, was co-chair of the ICR5 Scientific Organizing Committee), it gave the opportunity to the ERA-CLIM2 people to present their work to the international community working on reanalysis (https://climate.copernicus.eu/events/5th-international-conference-reanalysis).