1. Access to reanalyses

ERA-CLIM2 reanalyses can be accessed from dedicated data portals:
Note:for larger samples retrievals of the coupled reanalyses, the ECMWF's Web-API should be used. Before you do that, users are advised to read carefully instructions how to get CERA-20C data quickly and efficiently.

2. Access to observations rescued and reprocessed within the ERA-CLIM2 project

The ERA-CLIM2 observations feed into existing repositories and are already used in other projects (see Brönnimann et al, 2018, BAMS, in press). By submitting data to existing repositories (from where they are retrieved for reanalyses projects), they become part of their update cycles. This guarantees that version numbers are unique and that older versions remain available.

 Data set/ repository 
Data Contribution
 URLReference (version)  
 MARS      Upper-air, surface meteorological data (access through ECMWF)
 hadobsSea-surface temperature, sea ice in HadISST. Sea ice available from
Titchner and Rayner 2014 (HadISST. sea ice)
 hadobs Ocean surface and profiles in HadIOD.
 Available on request from
 Atkinson et al. 2014 (HadIOD.
 hadobs Sub-daily meteorological data (surface, all variables) in HadISD.2.0.0
 Dunn et al. 2016
 ISTI surface temperature  
 http://www.surfacetemperatures.org/ Rennie et al. 2014
(ISTI version 1)

 Cram et al. 2015
(ISPD v3)
 Stickler et al. 2014
 Russian Snow Data 
 snow cover and depth
 www.meteo.ru in preparation
 Long term SWE data record
 Snow Water Equivalent
 http://litdb.fmi.fi/eraclim2.php in preparation
 EUSTACE global station data set  Surface temperature TBD  in preparation
ERA-CLIM and ERA-CLIM2 contributions to public repositories (Table 4 from Broennimann et al, 2018).